Saturday, May 21, 2011

Introducing Rick the Bus Driver

   Rick the Bus Driver, Tundra Rich, or Rickipedia is the man who knows and has done everything. I feel like I could probably write a story of his each day and not run out of his stories. Then again, he probably makes up 2 stories a day so that becomes a little less impressive.
   One of his most well known stories that everyone has heard is the one about him and Steven Tyler(That guy from Aerosmith). Apparently, back in the day before Aerosmith got really big and still played for colleges and relatively small gigs, Rick and Steven Tyler were dating sisters. As he describes them, they were "smokin' hot." 
   I guess he partied with them quite a bit, but this story takes place in the back of Rick's van. They were smoking a 6 hose hookah in the back of his carpeted van, when Steven Tyler knocks over the hookah and sets his van on fire. Rick says that Steven still owes him money to this day. I'm not saying I don't believe him, but some of the finer details have probably been embellished over the many many years.

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  1. haha great story.
    Could be true...You must get to hear alot of shit though. perk of the job haha